The Raintree Community

The Raintree community has more than 3000 residents that live in the nine villages within Raintree.  Each of the villages has its own Board of Trustees that manages the operations of the particular village, including landscaping, road maintenance, trash pick-up, snow removal, and for the condominium buildings, maintenance of the exterior of the buildings.  For details on the services provided by each village, go to the VILLAGES link on the home page.

Raintree Management and Board of Trustees

The Raintree Board of Trustees is a seven-member board responsible for managing and overseeing the operations of all of Raintree’s common elements which includes the amenities (pool club, golf course, Clubhouses) as well as the security gate services, and Raintree Road.  The day-to-day operations are managed by Executive Property Management (EPM), our management company that staffs the on-site office during regular business hours.

Raintree Security and Gate House

Raintree is accessible by motor vehicle from two locations.  The main entrance/exit (east entrance) is accessible from Wemrock Road and has a gate house that is staffed 24 hours a day. ALL VISITORS AND NON-RESIDENTS must enter from this location.  The guard in the gatehouse will ask visitors for a picture ID and verify that they have permission to access our private community.  Residents can register their permanent visitor list by contacting the management office.

If you are a resident, you should register your vehicle to receive a vehicle “tag” that is attached to the front of your vehicle which will automatically open the resident gate.  If you are a resident and do not have a vehicle tag on your car, you must enter the community through the visitor’s gate. The guard is not responsible for manually opening the gate for you on the resident’s side if you do not have a vehicle tag.

The back gate area (south entrance) is accessible to enter ONLY by Raintree residents with a vehicle tag.  This gate is NOT staffed and cannot be opened for entry without a tag.  Both the east and south gates are accessible to exit the community by both residents and visitors.

Raintree Rules of the Road

The main road is Raintree Road which forms a circle and allows access to each of the nine villages in Raintree.  The speed limit is 25 mph.  The road is regularly patrolled by Freehold Township police. Driving at excessive speed may result in a summons from the Freehold police or a fine and warning from the Raintree Board. . Our streets are subject to Radar control.

  • No vehicle without adequate noise suppression shall operate on Raintree Road, nor shall any vehicle be operated in a manner to create excessive noise or hazard to others.
  • Please observe appropriate lane instructions at the divided entranceway when entering Raintree.
  • Aside from passenger cars/trucks, no motorized vehicles are permitted to be operated in areas other than Raintree Road and the parking lot.
  • Bicycles must be ridden only on Raintree Road in the bike lane a careful, cautious and prudent manner to avoid any injury to the rider and others.  Bicycles are not allowed on the walkways or sidewalks unless operated by a child under the age of 7.
  • The use of skateboards, skates, roller blades, sleds/snowmobiles, skis, dirt  bikes, off road vehicles and other similar type recreational vehicles are prohibited on Raintree Road, the Raintree walking path, all Raintree parking lots and all common areas.

Raintree Amenity ID Cards

Raintree as a private community offers amenities for the exclusive use of its residents and guests.  Access to Raintree amenities, which includes the Pool Club, the Golf Course, Tennis Courts, the Clubhouse, and the workout room, requires having an active Raintree amenity ID card.  All residents of Raintree in good standing, both owners and renters, are entitled to receive an amenity card.  Adult cards are issued to individuals over 18 years of age.  Amenity cards for minors age 1 through 17 are also available to minors that are Raintree full-time residents.

To obtain amenity cards for your household, an amenity card application (ONE per household) along with a waiver of liability form need to be completed and submitted (along with the required photos of each resident) to the management office as per the included instructions.  Click here for a download copy of the application.

Residents without a valid Raintree Amenity card will not be allowed access to Raintree amenities.  Guests of residents are allowed to join residents to use the amenities, in some cases, for a nominal guest fee.   Look in the AMENITIES section of this website for further details.

Any resident may be denied access to any and all of the Raintree Community facilities and services if said resident is certified by their Village Board as not being in good standing (up-to-date) with their maintenance fee payments and/or they are in violation of the Raintree Rules and Regulations, including but not limited to fraudulent use of a resident’s amenity I.D. card. Privileges will be reinstated upon proof of payment by the Managing Agent or the individual Village President and after expiration of set time frames, in accordance with the Raintree Community Association’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Molly Pitcher Clubhouse

Raintree has two Clubhouses; the Sam Bakal Clubhouse which is open to residents for recreational use, and the Molly Pitcher Clubhouse.  The Molly Pitcher Clubhouse is not available for recreational use.  It is also the location of the management office and is used for some board meetings.  A representative from the management office can meet with residents dropping off or picking up documents, either by appointment or by ringing the doorbell during office hours.