Briarglen is one of nine residential villages in Raintree.  It is made up of 123 condominium units  which are either flat on flat or ranch units.  The homes are either one or two bedroom units with five model types.  The community is situated on Evergreen Court and Poplar Place.

The Briarglen Condominium Association is governed by a 5-member Board that oversees the decisions and management of the village.  Executive Property Management provides on-site management services for our village. 

Briarglen is responsible for the structures and common areas in the community.  Their services include maintenance of the exterior of the buildings, lawn care, irrigation services, and snow removal.

Homeowners are responsible for their own windows and doors.  The decks, patios and front entry steps are considered to be a limited common element and the homeowner is responsible for their maintenance.  Any desired changes to the exterior of the unit or landscaping must be submitted to the Briarglen Board for approval prior to the change being made and your neighbors signature may be required.  A Property Modification Form is included on the community website for your convenience.

Garbage and trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  All trash should be placed in sealed, black, heavy duty trash bags.  Freehold Township provides curbside recycling pick-up on alternative Fridays. Recycling pails must be stored in the resident’s garage and must be placed at the curb (not on the lawn) no earlier than 6 p.m. on the evening prior.  Please be reminded that recycling must not include plastic bags of any type.  

There is parking on one side only of both Evergreen Court and Poplar Place.  Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked overnight.  There is no parking on the cul-de-sacs at any time. 

Pets are to be leashed within the entire Raintree community and must be picked up after. 

Please click the link to the Frontsteps website for further specific information in regard to the Briarglen community.