Where is the management office located and what are the open hours?

Molly Pitcher Clubhouse. The office is open to homeowners from Monday-Friday 10AM-12PM and 2PM-4PM.


How many villages are in Raintree?

9 villages

I lost power what should I do?

Call JCP&L  (1-800-662-3115)

They didn’t pick up my recycling?

Call Freehold Twp Recycling (732-294-2160)

What should do if I smell gas?

Call Gas Company (1-800-221-0051)


There is a street light out. Who do I report this to?

Please contact the EPM office at 732-780-1728 and provide the pole number (located on the pole) and we will put in a work order to JCP&L.

I am expecting a delivery. Who do I call?

Please call the guard house at 732-780-4488

I just moved here. Where do I get the key to my mailbox?

Please call the post office at 732-431-4525

When will my trash be picked up?

Tuesday and Friday. Check with your village for the Rules and Regulations as they may vary regarding times trash can be put out the night before

Are pets allowed in Raintree?

Each village has their own by-laws please check with management.

If I have an emergency ie; (fire, flood), after business hours who do I call?

EPM’s 24 hour Emergency service at 908-806-3823. Make sure you give the operator your specific address and the name of the VILLAGE in which the emergency is occurring. Please note Raintree is not an acceptable village name.

What is the fax number to the management office?